Game Apperance of YukariLyrics: ゆかりんファンタジアTrue Facts about Yukarirn
Yakumo Yukari: Fan CultureYukari Yakumo WikiYukarin
Yuyuko and Yukari
File:180px-PMiSS yukari.jpgFile:200px-Th022.jpgFile:CtC Yukari's Theme Night Falls ~ Evening Star
File:East New Sound- Necrofantasia (Instrumental)File:Example.jpgFile:Forum new.gif
File:IaMP Yukari's Theme Night Falls ~ Evening StarFile:MIDI PCB Yukari Yakumo's Theme - NecrofantasiaFile:Necrofantasia(Final Fantasy IV Soundfont)
File:Necrofantasia - Rock RemixFile:Necrofantasia - Yukari Theme Remix Rock RemixFile:PCB Phantasm Stage Theme Charming Domination ~ Who Done It? (Re-Extended)
File:PCB Yukari's Theme Necrofantasia (Re-Extended)File:SWR Yukari's Theme Night Falls ~ Evening StarFile:Touhou -Yukari's Theme Necrofantasia ~Remix
File:Touhou Danmakufu - Trick and Treat Night OST - Yukari Yakumo's Theme - NecrofantasiaFile:Touhou Phantasm Romance Extra Stage1 Boss - Yukari Yakumo's themeFile:Touhou Soccer 2 Yukari, Ran, and Chen's Enhanced Phantasm, Foam, and Shadow
File:Wiki-backgroundFile:Yukari 1.jpgFile:Yukari 10.jpg
File:Yukari 11.jpgFile:Yukari 12.jpgFile:Yukari 13.jpg
File:Yukari 14.jpgFile:Yukari 15.jpgFile:Yukari 16.jpg
File:Yukari 17.jpgFile:Yukari 18.jpgFile:Yukari 19.jpg
File:Yukari 2.jpgFile:Yukari 20.jpgFile:Yukari 21.jpg
File:Yukari 22.jpgFile:Yukari 23.jpgFile:Yukari 24.jpg
File:Yukari 25.jpgFile:Yukari 3.jpgFile:Yukari 4.jpg
File:Yukari 5.jpgFile:Yukari 6.jpgFile:Yukari 7.jpg
File:Yukari 8.jpgFile:Yukari 9.jpgFile:Yukari KG.png
File:Yukari Yakumo's theme - Necrofantasia (Piano)File:Yukari Yakumo.pngFile:Yuukuri Yukari.jpg
File:【Yukari theme】 ネクロファンタジアメドレー改 東方作業用BGM

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