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  • I live in Hyde Park
  • I was born on September 24
  • My occupation is I play video games and listen to Touhou music (alone...)
  • I am a female gamer
  • Sakenzie98

    This is a story from over 500 years ago. If I were to name the one youkai that is the most youkai-like of youkai, that would be Yukari Yakumo. After all, she's a typical one; although she claims that she is to be hibernating through the winter, we have only her word on it and it's unknown where she lives, so this is unconfirmed. She's said to now look the same as she had appeared back then. Her appearance is no different than that of a human's appearance. Yukari's human friendship level is average. Aside from the fundamental dangerousness of her ability, she also tends to appear and disappear without a warning, her personality seems to lack common sense, and her behavioral principles are completely different from those of humans, making her…

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