Yukarin is a competitive Touhou player proficient in Subterranean Animism. As of February, 2010, he/she holds 3 world records on Lunatic mode of the game.

yukarin has been the second player to reach 4 billion points in SA. In doing so, he/she broke a 6-month-old record made by AM, besting it by over 150 million.

yukarin has also tried his/her strength at scorerunning UFO mildly competing with players such as coa, shin, へかて and ひろなex, and attaining several notable records in the process, most of them with Marisa-B.

Notable player records Edit

Game Mode Character Score Date Notes
Subterranean AnimismLunatic Reimu-A 4,156,046,670 (#2) 2009/05/23 97585 graze, 2 lives remaining.
2,817,228,380 2009/04/06 117259 graze (max graze run).
1,187,957,580 2009/07/21 No-focus run. Cleared with 0 remaining lives and 0.00 power.
1,125,478,340 2009/07/25 No-bomb run. Cleared with 6 remaining lives.
Reimu-B 2,757,532,990 (WR) 2009/04/26 61146 graze, 3 lives remaining.
Marisa-A 3,505,120,640 (WR) 2009/06/12 78440 graze, 1 life remaining.
Marisa-B 3,602,988,830 (#3) 2009/05/29
Marisa-C 2,005,429,450 (WR) 2009/05/24 40453 graze, 3 lives remaining.
Undefined Fantastic Object Easy Marisa-B 1,878,821,730 (WR) 2010/05/15 28213 graze, 85380 point item value.
Normal Marisa-B 2,453,432,480 (WR) 2010/04/24 38491 graze, 98400 point item value.
Hard Marisa-B 2,446,188,450 (WR) 2010/05/11 40904 graze, 102630 point item value.
Lunatic Marisa-B 2,623,997,850 (WR) 2010/07/14 39170 graze, 105650 point item value.

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