Border of 東方 Touhou Unplugged/Classic 110

Unbelievably grandiose. The vast grandness of this song is overwhelming... The scenario I can imagine is the very base of the Cherry Tree Yuyuko is to seal during a rainy day.

The beginning very much represents an honorable sacrifice for the greater good of the world. I can imagine a funeral for the human body of Yuyuko who selflessly killed herself to seal away the unimaginable terror of the Saigyou Ayakash tree.

I can imagine many in attendance, including Yukari and Yuyuko's solemn family. As the pattering rain of the cloudy day comes down, tears streak down the face of Yukari. She keeps her face stern and makes no sound... so it would appear that rain is just streaming down her face.

Inside she is tearing herself apart. Yuyuko's valiant act has saved many, but Yukari and Yukuyo were great friends... 0:27+ the group of mourners, although ragged with sadness praise the heroism of Yuyuko. Raising their hands they yell out repeatedly. Their voices resonate with solemn pride.

Yukari, unable to stay any longer leaves during the peak of the rallying. At 1:02 she finds an isolated area beneath a cherry tree but continues to hold it all in. Faintly smiling, She recalled the happy times she spent with Yuyuko, she remembering Yuyuko's insatiable appetite...Yuyuko was always begging Yukari to get her food from the outer world. "Because it's so tasty!" Yukari saw her priceless and heartwarming smile in her mind. It was so big and wide...

This image remains frozen and imprinted in her mind as at 1:42 she begins sobbing silently to herself.

At 2:02 her crying finally begins to flow freely... Slumping against the cherry tree she opened her teary eyes to see cherry petals falling in concert with the rain drops. Her sobbing abruptly stopped. Slowly she regained her composure as she recalled Yuyuko's smiling face as she gently caught a cherry blossom in her palm and turns towards Yukari. "Isn't it beautiful Yukari...?" At 2:37 Yukari stands back up, her face unyielding stone.

3:08 Yukari continues on, resolute, unyielding, strong.

This story is probably pretty ruined when Yuyuko comes back as a ghost. Hahaha... Can't you imagine Yukari's incredulous expression when she first sees Yuyuko again? I can imagine Yuyuko scratching her head and nervously smiling as Yukari literally hounds her.

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